About Us


Capital Lake Property Ltd. (Capital Lake) is the flagship of the Capital Lake Group.

The Group is a Hong Kong-based investment company with diversified portfolio in Hong Kong, China and Europe. Since its establishment in 1995, the Group has been focusing on the identification of strategic investment opportunities with potentials. The Group has extended from its core business to a diversified portfolio which now includes property investment and leasing, property management, shipping & logistic, granite mining, non-ferrous metal mining and other related business. We have accumulated over 20 years of experience in investment and management. Today, the Group is managing a portfolio of various business with asset value over HKD 5 billion (USD 640 million).

Based on our solid foundation and capital accumulation, the Group will continue to improve our profitability and competitiveness by further investing in upstream and capital-oriented projects with strategic partners in new investment opportunities.

Milestone & History of the Group

  • Capital Lake Property Ltd. was established in Hong Kong. The company started investing in properties all over the city. We mainly engaged in the acquisition of shops and had been involved in more than 80 acquisitions within two years.
  • The property market was very active at that time. The Company sold some of its properties for profit.
  • The entire property market was dampened by the outbreak of SARs. Most investors were very hesitant to invest in the market. Capital Lake took an optimistic view and started acquiring new properties.
  • Acquired our first industrial building – the Cheung Hing Shing Centre, Tsuen Wan, with 93% ownership.
  • Acquired the whole block of Metex House, an industrial building in Tsuen Wan, We then fully renovated the entire building, markedly improving its condition and value.
  • Acquired several units in the Fu Yuen Industrial Building, Tsuen Wan.
  • Acquired the whole block of Gemmy Development Industrial Building in Tuen Mun.
  • Established the Brilliance Property and Asset Management Limited.
  • Took over the management of the Cheung Hing Shing Centre. The building was refurbished, markedly improving its condition and value.
  • Acquired over 125 parking spaces at the Ever Gain Plaza.
  • Acquired additional units in the Fu Yuen Industrial Building.
  • Acquired the entire Block C and all the parking spaces at the Hang Wai Industrial Centre, Tuen Mun.
  • Acquired additional units in the Fu Yuen Industrial Building.
  • Started villas development projects.
  • Started acquisition of land in the New Territories area for villa development.
  • Acquired office units in the Metroplaza, Kwai Fong.
  • Started our professional record management business with the establishment of the Record One Ltd.
  • Acquired more than 70% floor space in the Venus Industrial Building, Kwai Chung.
  • Set up a Business Centre in the Fu Yuen Industrial Building.
  • Acquired units in the Victory Industrial Building.
  • Acquired additional office units in the Metroplaza.
  • Invested in the Bolton real estate development project in Tallinn City of Estonia.
  • Acquired additional units and parking spaces at the Venus Industrial Building.
  • Acquired shops at Kingswood Richly Plaza in Tin Shiu Wai.
  • Acquired additional office units in the Metroplaza, Kwai Fong.
  • Established a financing company, Megabond Finance Ltd. providing corporate and personal financial services and support.
  • Established the MJ Construction Ltd.
  • Commencement of villa development projects.
  • Provided accounting and secretarial services.
  • Commencement of interior design business.
  • Acquired additional floors in the Venus Industrial Building in Kwai Chung.
  • Invested in real estate development projects in Mainland China – Luoyang Science & Technology Park.
  • Commencement of shipping business in Mainland China with purchase of 5 coastal vessels.
  • Strategic disposal of the Gemmy Industrial Centre and some units of Cheung Hing Shing Centre.
  • Invested in granite (construction material) mining projects in Yun Fu, Mainland China – Guan Tang Ming Mining Industry.
  • Acquired office buildings and warehouses in Tallinn, Estonia and in Latvia.
  • Invested in a HK-style chain cafe in Shanghai, Mainland China.
  • Strategic acquisition of industrial buildings with potential for development in Hong Kong, including Fou Wah Industrial Building and Fu Yuen Industrial Building. We carried out renovation of the whole block of Fou Wah Industrial Building to enhance the quality and value of the properties and enhance professional management.
  • Continuously to develop the “granite” mining projects.
  • Invested an IT project EMU in Shanghai.
  • Invested a financing company, Top Finance Limited in Finland Europe.
  • Invested the Non-ferrous metal mining project in Hechi, Guangxi province of China.