Property & Assets Management

Brilliance Property and Asset Management Limited (Company Registration No. C-056871) is a professional property development and management company under the Capital Lake Group. The company provides premium facilities and property management services to tenants. Our team of experienced and professional property managers constantly review and explore ways to upgrade our service. By refining administration and simplifying procedures, we strive to improve our efficiency for the provision of a high quality business environment to our tenants.

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Asset Management

  1. Property valuation and consultation on investment portfolio service
  2. Latest market information and strategic analysis
  3. Tenancy management
  4. Billing and rent collection service

Tenancy Management

  1. Identification and introduction of suitable tenants
  2. Professional advice on leasing terms and rental level
  3. Tenancy agreement renewal and negotiation
  4. Billing and rent collection service
  5. Handling lease registration and payment of stamp duty



Rental Information


Property Management and Maintenance

  1. CCTV monitoring system
  2. Regular patrol of property for security and identification of problems
  3. Regular examination of all building facilities
  4. surve